August Rush


A film Review by sirpeterjamesdotcom.

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terence Howard and Robin Williams.

Into my life, every now and again, there slips a movie that I rate as a sensation!

‘August Rush’ is such a movie – why?

We live in a world of some seven billion other fellow travelers. A select group, we are told, are controlling our lives, primarily through the mystique of global finances. The politicians are seeking their own versions of power in their hands. The aged are wondering how they can survive on their planned/unplanned retirement funds. TheAugust Rush 5 middle aged spend their days wondering how they will fare in their time of retirement. The grads are seeking to make their dreams come true after years of study; the young are on the cutting edge of our most amazing, but very rapid moving technology; they make big money fast and do not get bothered about small details like university degrees and retirement. Then, there are those of us that dream…

Back to the movie: The overall plot is nothing short of astounding.

Firstly, a young boy from a deprived background seeking out his dreams.

Second, a young thriving rock singer, who becomes a successful businessman.

August Rush 4Third, a couple of very unlikely lovers, who meet, make love and then go their own ways.

Fourth, a young woman, on the path of accomplishing a highly successful career as a classical musician, all under the control of a fanatic father, who will stoop to anything to accomplish his dreams. Then she discovers she is pregnant…..

Finally, the coming together of these characters, so that all their individual dreams are accomplished!

In one of the most dynamic and busiest cities in the world, New York, enters the August Rush 2dreamer, a young boy (Freddie Highmore) raised in an orphanage from birth and counselled by a mentor (Terence Howard). He arrives in New York, penniless, hungry and afraid, after escaping custody.

He comes to New York, seeking to fulfil his dreams.

His dream is to be a great musician, although he is quite unaware of the exceptional talents hidden deep within his soul.

Via a meeting with another young person, performing in Central Park, he walks into a shelter with a difference. An old disused theater, where many children, of marginal August Rush 3talent, are housed and controlled by the man you all love to hate, Robin Williams!

The children go out and perform to the public and collect money, which Robin takes from them and returns with small rewards of shelter and protection.

But soon, August Rush is about be discovered – right, I’ve said enough. Buy the video, don’t rent, because you will end up by watching it over and over again.

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!!!!!

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