Harvard Cafe – Where Time Flies

Harvard Cafe

You want to fly and enjoy a great meal in a unique ambiance, all-in-one?

Harvard Cafe, Rand Airport is your place……..

It’s not that you have to enjoy aviation; you just want something different!

Airports globally are not known for good cuisine and service; Harvard Cafe is the exception.

Let’s begin here shall we:

Who will get a kick about enjoying a great meal experience at Harvard Cafe Rand?

  • Someone who is tired of conventional restauranting and who definitely wants something different.
  • Someone who is looking for good food and pleasant efficient service (a rare find today).
  • Children who are looking for fresh air and a fun playground.
  • Families who are looking for a relaxing time without having to pay a fortune for the experience (Friday free meals for kiddies).
  • Those who enjoy fresh beer on tap (Harvard have the volume to cater for that).
  • Aviators who enjoy seeing a big variety of classic aircraft in action.
  • Arm chair and wannabee pilots (it is said that, unlike old golfers, old pilots never lose their balls – just their wings)!
  • Business people looking for place to meet and discuss strategy or close a deal.
  • Romantics looking time to get to know each other

Eileen HarvardOf a truth – the list is endless……

Harvard Rand caters for functions of many kinds and has a large seating capacity.

There is live entertainment in the form of a variety of ballad singers, enjoyable as background and never obtrusive.

They have a menu that will appeal to every taste, including a Sushi Bar.

The menu pays a hearty tribute to burgers, seafood, steaks and poultry – Chef’s specialties show a leaning towards Mediterranean style dishes, with Kleftiko, Trinchado and Oxtail but it is the Pizza’s that will have you airborne, whether you choose a Harvard, Tiger Special or a Boeing.

As exciting; there is a special every day during the week:

HHarvard Cafe specials-banne

The restaurant is beautifully positioned very close to the runway & apron so patrons can admire the planes as they taxi to and from the runway only a stone’s throw away from their table.

There is seating inside and outside with tables close to the runway. The restaurant has a children’s section allowing them to play on a jungle gym whilst parents enjoy their Harvard Cafe experience.

Lunch at the Harvard is a cheerfully rowdy affair with light aircraft taking off alongside the restaurant.

As a once-a-week patron of four years standing, I can heartily recommend this all round top performer restaurant

This is an unsponsored restaurant review by sirpeterjamesdotcom

All rights reserved sirpeterjames.com©2018


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