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The very first blog that I ever published on my newly established site was, “The Person you want to be” and that was January 26 2017. I never knew Dreams 3anything about blogging and blog sites, but I had an dream to write and publish my own material. I made a commitment to publish an article each week and now, on January 13 2018, I have been able to publish in one year, 109 posts over two sites (In May 2017, I set up a second site, to publish my spiritual teachings).

“The Person you want to be” was an article, which I published over three weeks; the series earned me a handsome 71 views! As a newbie blogger I was thrilled.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not writing this article looking for kudos, but rather to encourage those of you who have become despondent at their, so far,(seemingly) failing efforts at blogging.

I was told by several seasoned bloggers that the golden word for new bloggers is, “consistency” and here I will take a bow – if nothing, I have been consistent and faithful to my commitment. Some of my articles have been stunners, others have been very mediocre, but always, ‘I have put it out there’

Back to the article in question, “The Person you want to be”.

In part three, the last of the series, I made a suggestion to my readers:

I challenged them to a four-step process to be accomplished over twelve months (if you want a copy of these steps you will either have to go to the end of my published blogs list – “The Person you want to be  Part Three” or fill in the contact form on my site and I will gladly send you a copy.

True to what I said in the article, however, I did the four step process myself over twelve months and here’s what happened:

Daily I did two things.

  1. I went over my list of dreams and in gratitude (as if I had already achieved them) I affirmed each one (these dreams were listed on Excel sheets in my tablet – I had also included pictures of the things I wanted accomplish, sort of a vision board). I believe in making time work for me, so I read the Dreams 2affirmations whilst riding on our exercise bike.
  2. Each night I wrote down every positive thing that had happened in my life that day. (I never wrote anything negative into that diary/journal). On Fridays of each week, I listed the seven best events of that week. At month end, I chose the best event of the month. At year end I selected the best event from twelve months.

Then I continued to set down what I called, ‘Mini-Goals’ in a little book called by that name. These goals, I used, to steer me to the accomplishment of my ‘Dream List’. Apart from my financial and business goals, which were planned off a budget, I left the mini-goals to accomplish themselves.

The result after twelve months was nothing short of a miracle!

  • The greatest event over the twelve months was the fact that I was able, after twelve months saving, to buy my partner a ring and she accepted my marriage Ring Eileenproposal.
  • Next was the accomplishment of the highest earnings turnover in my business in one year to date.
  • The next biggest event was my Fiancée and I being able to take a glorious holiday in the ‘Fairest Cape’, for two weeks after saving throughout the year.

But this, by no means, exhausted the list of accomplishments which I was able to see in black and white before my eyes.

I am a firm believer in dreams, but for me, I see that they only come about Dreams 4when I set down goals and maintain positive thoughts (continuously). Self development gurus of our day claim that only 1% of people accomplish their dreams. I think the reason for this is; we dreamers don’t actively pursue our dreams by setting and accomplishing our goals.

This year, because I have now earned a Fiancée and we plan to marry, we are doing a joint dream and goal plan. To this end we have found something excellent to work with.  Mel Robbins offers a free work book which we have downloaded. Go to this link and join us on the journey.

I hope we will be able to touch bases and compare notes, this time next year – Yaaaay!

Our Fellow Travelers in this world are in need of encouragement. As we encourage others, so the benefit returns to us, ten, a hundred, even a thousand fold. “Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you”.

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Dreams, Goals, Positivity

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