Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

Theodore and Snowmen

Hello to All You Wonderful People

It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai!

I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand.

It all started with me seeing my very first ChristmasTheodore's First Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and a very big dazzling bright star right on the top of the tree. I saw so many colorfully wrapped presents under the tree and just wondered if one of those was for me.

Then I saw children playing below the tree they were shrieking and laughing and throwing some white stuff at one another. The older one’s were making what looked like statues. Gilles explained to me that, that was stuff that they pretended was snow and in Dubai it was far too hot to ever snow, so people made pretend snow (Gilles is so clever, he knows about a lot of interesting things and he is always happy to explain, when I don’t understand). He also told me that the children were making snowmen.

Antoinina then asked me if I would like to go down and meet with Father Christmas.  I said I was a little afraid, but when she told me that Father Christmas was waiting to give me my present and that she would always be very close to me, I was happy to go.

Antoinina held me in her arms and together with Gilles took me to meet Father Christmas. He was a big man with a long white beard and a very deep voice and there were lots of children standing around him. I was afraid and held tightly onto Antoinina. When we came close, the children wanted to hold me, Father Christmas was very gentle and asked if the children could hold me as they wanted their mummies and daddies to take a photograph of them holding me.

Then, the big moment came. I sat on Father Christmas’s lap and he gave me my present. Gilles suggested we take the present up to our apartment and put it at the foot of the little Christmas tree that Antoinina had brought.

I was so excited and whilst Antoinina and Gilles had some snacks, I sat on the veranda and looked at all the very pretty lights outside.

I was so thrilled about my present and wondered if I would be able to sleep, before opening my present next morning.

I asked Antoinina if I could put my blankie and pillow next to the little Christmas tree so I could be near my present. She said that the twinkling lights might keep me awake, but I was too excited to sleep. She mad me promise that I would not open my present before her and Gilles got up in the morning.

It took so long to get to morning, but a last Antoinette and Gilles came through and I was allowed to open my present.

It was my first Christmas present and it made me so happy. My present was a camel – Tabilah is her name. Because Tabilah is a furry like me, we can talk to each other as well.  Tabilah is my very first furry friend. Antoinina showed me how climb up on Tabilah and how to ride her. Isn’t she beautiful?

I love Christmas, don’t you…….

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