Goddess Tour to Egypt

Egypt Tour Camels-Sitting-Near-Egyptian-Pyramids

An Interview with Michelle Leske – Tour Coordinator

“Michelle Leske, thank you for the opportunity of being able to interview you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of your website; it was filled with loads of facts and thankfully no waffle. With beautiful media, and full descriptions of what one could expect from the tour, I felt like I wanted to make an immediate booking.

  • SPJ:  This brings me to my first question. From descriptions on your Egypt Tours valley-of-workerswebsite, it would appear that your tour is for women only, are my  assumptions correct?
  • ML: No, not at all Peter, the goddess that I am speaking about is the feminine aspect of God or as I like to think about it, the Holy Spirit. To awaken qualities of the Holy Spirit, which is in each of us; we have all those gifts of prophecy, foreseeing the future, of alchemy, so once we release all the fears that are blocking us, from using those gifts, then we will be goddesses. So it’s not just for men or woman, it’s for both.
  • SPJ: Going ahead then, there will be no focus on gender.
  • ML: Correct, I don’t want to focus on gender at all. My first tour was only ladies and this was because it was almost like a soul group that got together, on a prearranged spiritual journey, like in a past life type of thing, inasmuch as we had always known each other and we were very close and to this day we keep in contact, not just some of us – all of us. It’s quite phenomenal. So, it’s like that was going to be the model of what our future tours would be like. Obviously there were things that would need to be changed a bit, but generally it was an outstanding tour and yes, I want to emphasize, gender will not be a focus. For example, in the upcoming tours there are three male-female couples joining us. It was not a change in advertising that brought this about. I believe this came about because; these people were spiritually called to join the tour.
  • SPJ: In short then, would you say that the spiritual benefits that come out of these tours, are available, in the same way, to men as for women?
  • ML: Yes, most definitely. In fact, I find in my experience, men are more open and less judgemental to treatment, so in many cases it can work on Egypt Tours Osirienthem quicker than women. This is interesting and I think it comes about, because men don’t know what to expect, so they come with no expectations. A lot of ladies come with expectation and often those expectations can be like putting an obstacle in the way of something, men don’t seem to do that.
  • SPJ: How interesting Michelle. Right, let’s take a change in direction at this point. From an academic perspective, you are a qualified school teacher, but it would appear that in your heart you are a healer. In fact, my impression is that you have a real passion for healingTalk to me about your transition from teaching to healing.
  • ML: I don’t know if it was a transition, because it’s almost like the two are blended together. When I was a teacher, with my grade 2’s, I was teaching them to read and write and to problem solve and that type of thing. But, in Egypt Tours mena-house-hotelreality, I was also teaching them how to be a person; so that’s related to the healing. In that case, if it was a transition, it was also natural. Interestingly enough, I was always a person who was angry and I got tired of being angry. This caused me to go for healing for myself and I eventually decided that I would like to do the healing as well. I then took up Reiki and did my Reiki Masters within one year. This is a course in self mastery, that’s why they refer to it as a Masters. I worked on myself for a year and I still do, but my Masters year was really a life-changing year for me. That is how it all started.
  • SPJ: From the little that I know about you Michelle, your website is a mirror of your person. You are seriously focused and echo my sentiments on your website, as you share that it took six years for your dream of coordinating a spiritual tour of Egypt to come true and this, in the face of many hardships along the way. Yet, you kept that dream alive – well done.
  • SPJ: It is claimed among the self development training gurus, of our day, that only 1% of people accomplish their dreams. What message do you have for those that have dreams and long for them to be accomplished?
  • Egypt Tours akhenaton-and-nefertitiML: Well I would say, persist and if you are not persisting, then you are not serious about your dream. It’s not something that you really want, or else, you are giving up too easily. Look, a person may want to change their perspective of things, in other words, you may have to change the way in which you achieve your dreams as you go through life, but keep persisting; it’s hard work!
  • SPJ: You seem to have a very rare combination of not only healing and coaching, but also you are now a proven entrepreneur.  You waited six years for your first tour to come about and now you have, one year later, successfully arranged your second tour; this is a true entrepreneurial accomplishment, kudos to you Michelle . Talk to me about how you transmuted yourself from healer -coach to entrepreneur.
  • ML: Well, I have always been an entrepreneur really. I supported myself financially from the age of 17.  I paid for my own education and did all manner of odd jobs to earn money for necessities and luxuries.  I’ve had a Egypt ToursSphinx-stele_erosion3whole lot of small businesses and they have all been successful.  I’m stubborn and don’t give up easily and I think that is the secret of being a true entrepreneur.
  • SPJ: from your previous participant feedback Michelle, it would seem that your passion for change in people’s lives has been accomplished, not only this, but also that there was great excitement and wonder that your participants gained from the physical tour. Where do you see Goddess Tours heading in the next three years?
  • ML: Ah well, they are going to be huge and I am not going to limit the tours to Egypt. In 2019 I am going to take a tour to France as well; South of France, which is where Mary Magdalene went after the crucifixion of Jesus. That is my dream destination. The majority of the participants on the first Goddess Tour are wanting to book for the France tour. Then I would also like to go on to other destinations as well; but I’m working on that. The focus will always be to assist others to really open their hearts to give and receive Divine Love.
  • SPJ: Michelle, would I be right to assume that though you will run tours to other destinations than Egypt, the ethos of all your tours will be spiritually based?
  • ML: Oh yes, very definitely and the focus will always be to balance masculine and feminine energy. Right now masculine energy dominates, but I see a definite shift in people becoming more open hearted and less ego based.  I will continue this work for as long as I am able.  I feel this is my calling.
  • SPJ: Lastly, the cost of your tour in US Dollars is very well priced for South Africans, but it is an absolute gift for Americans and Europeans.
  • ML: These tours are very well priced, when you consider that all accommodation is five star and that every aspect of the tour is top notch, from the guide to the transportation provided, the agent and Nile Cruise. It is certainly not an ordinary run of the mill tour.
  • SPJ: Looking back on your last tour and your upcoming bookings, what percentage of your participants has and will be, from Europe and America?
  • ML: I would say about fifty percent.

Michelle, it has been so encouraging listening to you and I have been truly motivated to stick with and accomplish my dreams too. It is also my heart-felt wish for great success with your Goddess Tours in the future.

Visit Goddess Tours site at: http://awakenthegoddess.info/goddess-tours/

This feature is published with the permission of Metamorphosis and Michelle Leske

All rights reserved sirpeterjamesdotcom©2017

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