The Shift

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A review of the video, produced by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who should view this video?

People who realize:

Ø  That there is more to life than just accepting your daily ‘lot’.

Ø  That they are stuck in a rut, growing older with their only future being to retire in the years ahead and start the process of slowly dying.

Ø  They desperately want to hope that there is an opportunity for them, before they leave the confines of this earth.

Ø  That even though they are young, they are not happy in their ‘chosen’ profession; they are looking for more.

Ø  They sense that there is a power, somewhere out there, that they are not tapping in to.

Ø  Their present relationship to a significant other is on shaky ground, whatever their age group.

This list is endless, but so far it’s a good start, because most of us reading these lines, qualify on a least three of the above points.

The Author

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a solid name that rings of integrity and total sincerity; on viewing the video, one is left with the impression that Dr. Dyer has a deep desire that everyone within listening distance will take hold of his teaching and go on to make the shift to a better life for themselves, their families, friends and the world at large.

The Stage

Is somewhere in the vast American countryside, along the coast, at a conference venue. The weather is overcast but those that booked ahead came along without the confines of weather.

They variously came for a conference, a wedding, a family holiday and also, a film shoot.

The Plot

Dyer, along with his film crew is doing a shoot for a video entitled, “The Shift”. Unbeknown to Dyer and his film crew there are groups of people attending the venue for their differing reasons,  that in actual fact are perfect candidates for his message. None of the candidates, however, are aware of their qualification for Dyer’s message, largely because Dyer and his crew are discreet in their choice of location, mostly away from the other visitors. Ultimately Dyer’s message has its way in the lives of all those that arrived at this venue, synchronous to the destiny of their life path.

On thinking over the video after you have viewed it, you realize that the principal performers, outside of the film crew, and who  were not party to Dr. Dyer’s words,  left the location as changed souls, simply because, willingly or otherwise, the came to meet with their destiny.

You also realize that it is not Dr. Dyer’s words that create the shift in the people’s lives, but rather that he is merely explaining the phenomenon of what is and for that matter, always has been, taking place in the lives of humanity, since their creation.

In other words, the shift continues to happen; some hear and experience, in their own lives the wonderful change. Others continue, ears blocked and eyes blinkered, drifting into continued failure, trauma, sorrow, loss and pain until their life ebbs away.

The Actors

The principal is Dr. Dyer, whose essence is that of complete humility and sincerity, coupled with a huge dose of compassion. Dyer is a man of worldly-wise wisdom and commensurate with his age and experience, he comes over as gentle, patient and understanding.

Next is the ‘Janitor’, who incognito is the owner of the venue. But more than this he is a supremely gifted piano player.

Then comes a family couple; on holiday and where the wife and mother is seeking to rediscover herself as a sketch artist, dating from her college days.

There is the millionaire and his totally rejected and oppressed wife, who needs to deal with her recently and much unplanned pregnancy, using this opportunity to share the news with her very ego-centric husband.

There are several other wonderful characters, like the tramp, whose philosophy in life has a profound affect on the millionaire businessman.

The outcome is brilliant, but that’s for me to know and you to discover…… Go look for yourself, at the below link, it will only cost you time.

Maybe you would prefer to read the book


Comparatively speaking, it’s a short video with long term possibilities and unquestionably worth your viewing time; especially for your sake.

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