Sir Peter James a Knight of Old


Ode in honor of all those who war with demons of substance addiction to rescue their fellow humans, before these seek the solace of their own deaths.

I am a knight of old and I might add, very bold.

I have travelled through many lands far and wide.

Braved many storms and fought countless battles.

My mission was to free the lost, who were beset upon by the dragons of fire.

I was fearless in my quest, to teach those, who would give ear, the ways of goodness and strength.

I came upon many who were broken of heart and downcast in spirit.

I taught those, whose countenance was bold, the skills and bravery of knighthood, in the hopes that they too would join my quest, in seeking to rescue the lost and forlorn.

This done, that in time ahead there would be many who would raise their standards to see others being saved from the chains of the dragon’s fire.

Alas, oft times the reward of my labors, was pig’s swirl being cast upon my head and spitting in my face. It brought pain to my heart, but also, resolve to my intent.

I would rise up, polish my armor, wipe the dust off my spurs and continue on my way.

Many were the dragons I encountered along my journeys, great and fearsome beasts that breathed fire upon all who dared cross their path.

Many be the souls that were held captive by them, in castles and dungeons by the wayside.

Fearlessly and by great faith did I approach these brazen beasts. With my trusty sword and in my shiny armor I slew them and freed their hapless prisoners. These I counselled to take heed of their ways and see to it that they did not again open the windows of their souls to those wanton beasts.

Then reasoned I, “How strange is this matter; as these souls have been freed, so it is that they once more do return to the lair of the dragon, to puff on his magical fire and once more ensnare themselves into his dungeon”.

Again did I take up my trusty sword and shield, determined to rescue the lost soul from the power of the dragon. Thǒ my body was weary did I fight my way to the dragon’s dungeon to free the lost soul. But alas, it were too late, as the soul lay prostate before my eyes – he had yielded his body to the freedom of death.

My heart was sore pained as my trusted mare did plod me away from the dragon’s dungeon of death to the road ahead.

Perchance did I meet fellow knights along the way, who greeted me and lifted my fallen spirit with many words of goodness. “Remember us, My Lord, it was thee that rescued us from the terrible jaws of the dragon’s fire and now it is we, like you, who do rescue the souls from the dragon’s fire as you did for us. We too, now ride upon our steeds with our trusty swords and shiny armor and slay the dragons. Come eat vittles with us and rest your tired soul My Lord, that we may continue our journey together. Forthwith we shall stand by thy side as a band of brothers. Many will be those that we rescue from the dragon’s fire that they too shall join our ranks; then will we be more that they who destroy and we shall destroy them….forever.”

All rights reserved sirpeterjamesdotcom©2017

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