A Daughter’s Father’s Day Message to Her Daddy


Daddy & Daughter

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Hello Daddy, on this Father’s Day, I wanted you to know, how I feel about you.

To me you are much more than just a father, to me you are:

A Daddy

Deep down I feel that anybody can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. To father a child is an easy job, ask any guys, but to be a Daddy takes courage, heart, tears and wisdom.

You, Daddy, always knew just what to say and do; I wondered how you did that.

It must have come when you held me for the first time, after my arrival into this world; you looked down and realized that you were now responsible for so much more in life. You were responsible for a little heart and an innocent mind.


I would describe you, my Daddy in five words:

D- Determined

A- Army

D- Dedicated

D- Devoted

Y- Youthful

Determined; as a little girl I remember that you always worked hard, whether it was to earn money to make a life for us or keep my mother happy, you did it. You were determined to give us a life we deserved and had everything we needed; that we were happy.

To this day, even though we are grown and have children of our own, you are determined to make a life for yourself and to keep a relationship with us.

I love that you are determined and have instilled that same determination within me.

Next, you are my Army. I know that with my Daddy by my side I can take on the world, I can take on life, my enemies and the things that I fear. You will always be beside me. I know that no matter who will leave me, you will always stay.

Dedication, when your friends were drinking, partying you were playing with me in the swimming pool. When you wanted to sleep, you rather got up and changed my nappy. When you wanted to play golf but I was home sick you stayed at home to care for me.

You were dedicated to me, the life I was starting and the little world I envisioned for myself, you were dedicated to keep it as pure as I needed it.

Today my Daddy you are dedicate to caring for yourself, to calling me every Sunday. You are dedicated to building a relationship with your granddaughters. You embody and are dedication.

Next comes Devotion, I believe that you cannot be dedicated unless you are devoted. My Daddy you are a devoted man. You are devoted to God. You are devoted to your family. You are devoted to me.

When you held me for the first time, you acknowledged that you were holding a little person that needed a Daddy that is devoted to keeping her safe and warm and fed.

You my Daddy did just that. You taught me the values of being devoted to the people and things that I love.

You, my seventy-five year- old Daddy are still Youthful; I love that you wear skinny jeans, you still dance and occasionally give a sneaky whistle to a pretty lady.

You embrace every moment of your life and love shines through your eyes.

I don’t celebrate Father’s day, I celebrate Daddy Day!

Happy Daddy’s Day.

Your Daughter

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