The Most Beautiful Garden in the World

Flower Gardens

The most beautiful and dynamic garden in the world is the human mind.

In it grow all manner of thoughts.

Every imaginable species of thoughts grow there; happily they grow alongside each other; which is quite surprising really, considering how different they all are.

Whilst they jostle, like the occupants of any garden, for prominence, they vie with one another for position; some content in their beauty, some content in their fragrance, others boasting both beauty and fragrance.

Some are strong and multiply quickly in great numbers seeking, it would seem to be, to take over and smother their competitors for a place of importance. Others are timid, tiny, and frail even, often to be found hidden under bigger species, as if they were too shy to be seen and preferred to be out of sight from curious eyes.

Then, there are the weed thoughts; these are the hardy ones, mostly having deep roots and who creep in stealthy strides, whose motive is not always status, but certainly destruction. They sap the bulk of nutrition in the garden and rob their neighbors of this life giving essence.

But wait….here comes the gardener, the wise gardener. She will tend to the needs of all in the garden of our mind.

The gardener has another name by which she is known – ‘Wisdom’.

Only she knows the difference between that which is good for our garden and that which is destructive.

Only she knows the difference between that which must be and that which must not be, after all, she was present when the first garden on earth was planted, by the Great Gardner Himself.

She will take the proud thoughts and trim them to size, she will take the vain thoughts from their group and place them closer to the timid ones in order that the timid might come into the light and not be hidden away.

She will also remove the beautiful and fragrant thoughts from their group, that the favor they have, may be shared by all the different thoughts spread around our garden.

Then, with the stout tools of her trade, she will dig deeply around the weed thoughts until she finds their roots, then she carefully extracts them from the garden of our mind, making certain she removes every trace of their presence and replaces them with thoughts, that are gentle, understanding and compassionate toward their companions in the beautiful garden of our minds.

Be wise now – let Wisdom have her way in the garden of your mind.

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