God’s Love for His Child



A testimony of DADDY’s love and grace towards His daughter (it is truly not about me)…

Some time ago I met a lady in the church who had her Bible open on her lap… upside down! I realized Natasha cannot READ! And she was 24 years of age! To spend some time with her and to get to know her better I asked her to come help me wash my windows. I found that this lady has such an amazing vocabulary but she cannot read OR write! She has FAS… Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) are a group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. She was bright yet no-one took the time with her as she was somewhat disabled. I felt such compassion for her! I had a sense of urgency/a passion/a drive/a Divine unction to help this woman! I could not bear the thought of her going through life not being able to read OR write!

I was freelancing at the time doing contract jobs/computer lessons, as Pinard Computer & Secretarial Services. I started teaching her to read from scratch using the stand-alone book of Psalms three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Natasha had a broken pair of spectacles which had a cracked glass; it was tied behind her head with an elastic band. SpecSavers went 50/50 with me and she got two new sets of spectacles. That was the battle half way won!

I never taught like this before and one day in utter frustration I came to the realization that it does not profit me at all to pre-prepare. It does not work! Natasha was a different kettle of fish at age 24. The Holy Spirit had to just guide me daily and HE did – using Psalms, which was Natasha’s favorite Book! One day I checked on Google how to teach dyslexic people and I could tick off each point. I was doing it! It took just over a year before she could stand in front of her church and read a passage from the Bible!

Over time I guided Natasha to keep her head up, look people in the eyes, and greet with a friendly chirpy , ‘More, Oom!!!’ instead of grumbling a ‘Môôôre, Meneer’ with her head in the ground (because of her shame).  She came to understand that she was WORTHY!

She then started learning to write from the book of John (a stand-alone book I got her). One day Natasha had an assignment – to write an essay. I asked her what she wants to write about. She said she wants to help girls who have been molested or raped. I said, write it down! It is your ministry! She did! Teaching Natasha to write took another year and she was well on her way! (Natasha was raped by a man walking by her house when she was 14 and all alone at home). She found her healing and refuge in the Lord and ultimately she was instrumental in leading both her parents to the Lord! Their lives have changed dramatically!)

I then had to move from Franschhoek to Yzerfontein for a year and I was wondering who was going to take over the ministry I had with 12 pre-teen girls from Bosbou. I prayed and asked Abah and searched for someone but could not find anyone, in my own strength. The Friday before I had to leave I sms’ed Natasha and asked her to come and help me. Boxes were everywhere, I was sick with flu and the girls were coming and more children were coming to say good-bye to me. I said, ‘Natasha, you’ll have to go out there and share with them today, anything what you feel Father lays on your heart!” As I was looking out our bedroom window there’s Natasha… with the Bible, reading, index finger in the air as she is talking to them seriously! She was the one that took over from me! I took a picture of Natasha sitting in our front garden at the end of the long white table and on the photo I wrote “Natasha, 1ste Dag van Bediening (1st Day of Ministry) and the date”.

Natasha is now very involved at the Prayer House in Franschhoek where dear Junita Engell inspires and encourages Natasha… Natasha works near Paarl once a week, getting on the taxi all by herself and she is rejoicing! This is NOT about me BUT! ABOUT SOMEONE’S LIFE THAT CHANGED FOREVER FOR THE BETTER!!! All the GLORY goes to our Heavenly Father! Halelu-Yah!!! All in all I learnt a major lesson: To make a difference in precious people’s lives we must just DO when Father says DO… that’s all!


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