The Person You Want to Be

Following Your Dream

We all dream about things we would like to see happen in our lives. More often than not, these are ideals that we don’t share with others or maybe just one other special person, usually someone we can trust. Now that I think about it, apart from those that I have had a close relationship with, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone discussing their dreams.

Could be you are like me; I think about the coming about of my dreams a great deal, daily, in fact.

Possibly you only occasionally give thought to your dreams and probably that is how it is with all of us; some thinking about their dreams a great deal and others, very little.

I have heard friends saying, “I don’t have any dreams, because I don’t know what I want really”.

My Dreams are twofold. Firstly, there is the dream about the person I would like to be and secondly, the dream of the worldly comforts that I would like to have in my life.

I’m sure it would be safe to assume, that the greater number of us would be dreaming about having much the same things; a great partner, a satisfying, high earning job, a really super-duper car, our dream home and so on.

Now, I know that I am not in a position to advise anyone on how to get all or at least some of their worldly comforts, because whilst I have these dreams well mapped out and in some detail, I have only seen a few of them come into my life just yet. However, I am very strong in my belief that they are on their way – possibly even as I write this blog in fact, or even tomorrow would be hunky-dory.

Part of my philosophy in life is this fact; I can’t truly give you advice unless what I am advising is already established in my own life. Of course, I could always tell you about something that a very successful author said and it seems to be working very effectively in his life.In one of his wonderful books, Paulo Coelho said, ” You must first BE, who you really are then do what you are meant to do, then you will get what you want”. –I’m working hard on this one.

So, being true to my philosophy, I will rather discuss the dream I have of the person I would like to be. The reason for this is simple, part of the dream of who I want to be has actually come about! So now I feel qualified to talk to you about it.

Paulo also said, “What you want to do, is what you are meant to do”.

Just like the dreams of my worldly comforts, the dreams of the person I would like to be is mapped out in detail. This, of course, is how I am able to say to you, part of this dream has come about and for this reason I am able to tell you about it and explain how it came about and how I see it unfolding more powerfully in the future.

As excited as I am about telling you, the story is quite a long one and I think you have had enough to ponder on for now.

I will continue in a weeks time. Look out for this and tell your friends, it’s a very encouraging story….. copyright 2017










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